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Selection of Candidates
An up-to-date data bank is maintained by us with due information on workers as professional, skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled labor. Selection is made purely on merit basis and not on racial, secretarial or on the basis of recommendation. We are confident that the personnel selection by our selection committee will definitely earn reputation and appreciation from the employer.

Trade Test
A practical trade test, through our engineer of the same field and selection committee, will be taken at the Technical Training Institute. If the company wants to choose the employee directly by an oral interview and practical test, the trade tests will be taken at our office where our selection committee observes the workers directly to their respective job.

Medical Checkup
Only the selected candidates are to be sent to an authorized hospital or clinic for medical examination. The candidate, after getting the check up report, having recognized their physical fitness for employment, will be eligible to sign the employment contract.

Endorsement of Visa
The Kantipur Manpower Pvt. Ltd. proceeds the procedure of visa endorsement through the concerned Embassy after receiving the original visa documents like consul letter (Attn. To His Excellency Consular General). Power of attorney mentioning salary, duty hours, food accommodation and other benefits will be provided by the company, power of attorney authorizing to us as a concerning arrangements and to sign all necessary documents on behalf of sponsor.

Traveling Agreement
In all cases, we send the visa endorsements, passports to concerned airlines to confirm the scheduled flight from Nepal to the nearest airport of the working site. PTA may be sent to any airlines operating from Kathmandu under intimation to us.

The adaptability of the candidate to the condition of service is given most importance during recruitment period. In all cases, they are given orientation to maintain understanding and cordiality among themselves and aim of the particular activity of the individual. The orientation directs them to maintain good circumstances and motivates them to their duties/responsibilities. The orientation classes are organized for the particular workers of the different nationalities or the respective country directing them to honor each other’s customs and traditions by maintaining in harmonious and congenial atmosphere It takes special care in briefing them to strictly abide by the guidelines in the field of their employment, with special reference to the Islamic principals for assignment in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East countries.

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