• Lic No.: 523/061/062

Power Of Attorney

DATE: ………………
Name of agency in Nepal:   Kantipur Manpower Service Pvt .Ltd.
Address: p.o. box 9644,  Samakhusi 29, Kathmandu-  Nepal
License No.523/061/062

We do hereby confirms that it has appointed and authorized  M/s Kantipur Manpower Service Pvt. Ltd, Nepal (Foreign Employment Consultant), licensed by Department of Foreign Employment with license No. 523/061/062, to be our true and lawful attorney and recruiting agent in Nepal for the purpose of handling all the affairs associated with the recruitment of workers and to sign all the necessary documents required for the purpose of recruitment under the laws and regulations of Nepal on behalf of our company.
The said agent shall have a valid right and free hand to act on behalf of the company and in its name in contacting the consulate of the Embassy of the related countries in Kathmandu. Nepal to receive, deliver and sign all related recruitment documents, and also contact the concerned authorities to pay any related due fees.
Furthermore, this power of attorney gives the said agent, the legality to offer salaries in accordance with the salary ranges applied by the company for its  employees and to sing the employment contracts.
(Only for Saudi Arabia) Our Block Visa no. ……………. ,  id no. ………… , visa date ………….. H.
The validity of the power of attorney remain till 2 years from the issue date.


Name of Authorized person


(This letter must be attested by the chamber of commerce and ministry of foreign affairs of the employer country)

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