• Lic No.: 523/061/062

Agency Agreement


DATE: ………………


This agreement is made and  executed into by and  between M/S ………………...  of  (Related Countries)  (FIRST PARTY)


M/s Kantipur Manpower Service Pvt. Ltd., lic No 523/061/062  a company dully registered to  recruit manpower from Nepal and existing under the laws of Nepal , with business address at  p.o. box 9644, samakhusi 29, Kathmandu , Nepal and represented by Mr, Dhan lal Jaishi in his capacity as Managing Director herein after referred to as the   (SECOND PARTY)
Terms And Conditions Mentioned Below:

  1.  The second party will make all the arrangements to supply manpower from Nepal, as per the    request and specifications of first party.
  2. The first party will recruit workers from Nepal through the second party for his company.
  3. The first party will agree to appoint the second party as its legal representative in Nepal for the purpose of supplying manpower (Nepalese Workers) for his establishment and will provide all requirement documents such as: power of attorney, demand letter, guarantee letter An Employment Contract
  4. The profession, salary and all other benefits of the recruited person’s will be as per the Demand Letter and Employment Contract.
  5. The person’s engaged will be required to perform duties as mentioned in the agreement.
  6. The duration of the contract will be for a period of 2 (two) years.
  7. The working hours will be 8(eight) hours per day & 6 (six) days per week.
  8. Overtime will be paid for extra hours other than 8 hours/day as per company rule. The first party provide visa in free of cost and two way air  ticket for the second party. But the consultant fee for Nepal recruitment agency should bear by employer.
  9. Accommodation with Air condition, Medical care, transportation, insurance, uniform Electricity ,water and hostel charge shall be provided free of cost by the Employer.
  10. The recruiter will undertake to ensure that all applicants selected by them will be fit for the job and shall be guaranteed for a period of 90 days from the date of departure from Nepal.
  11. The Employer will be responsible for all complaints made by the employees and will take necessary steps to eliminate the problems that occurred.


_______(FIRST PARTY)______                                       _____(SECOND PARTY)_____

Name of Authorized person                                                    Dhan Lal Jaishi
Designation                                                                            Managing Director
COMPANY NAME                                                                       KANTIPUR MANPOWER SERVICE P. LTD.

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